Glory To Dog Puppy and Small Breed Snuffle Interactive Foraging Dog Puzzle Ball Toy

Type: Dog Toys
  • It’s a snuffle mat combined with a stress-relieving ball that hides treats for small mouths, whether a puppy or adult small-breed dog. This hide-and-seek puzzle toy is a great way to keep your dog engaged and occupied while also helping them develop their sensory skills looking for hidden treats as a reward during playtime! Folds of soft polyester fleece fabric hold small treats or even kibble for way-sensitive noses to sniff out and discover, hitting puppy paw-fection: play, forage, and reward.
  • Place small treats, pieces or kibbles inside the folds and gently toss the toy. If a treat or two falls out it alerts the furkids of the treasure to be had, so much the better!
  • Variable depth makes puppy search harder: just push the treat-os or kibble in a little further
  • Stimulates the dog’s most important sense: smell, and helps little ones develop cognition, the definition of enrichment.
  • It’s exercise for the body and the brain
  • Machine washable, dry on low or no heat, or hand wash and air dry