Glory To Dog Ballistic Sport Boomerang Dog Toy

Type: Dog Toys
  • Toss, Fetch, Tug
  • Reinforced Seams and Extra Stitching to make it Tough Enough for Ferocious Floofsters
  • Center Squeaker for Audible Stimulation
  • Bold, Bright Colors
  • Polyester and Polyester Fiberfill for Easy Hand Washing and Air Drying
  • For Pets Only

Playtime both exercises the body and builds bonds between pups and thier parents. Our Ballistic Sport Boomerang makes for hours of rewarding toss and fetch. The fun doesn't stop there because we put a squeaker in the middle, so a good tug-o-war match is sure to make some noise and tough construction makes sure the Boomerang lasts.

This is one Boomerang you don't have to throw and hope it comes back on its own because no one can miss the neon orange piping and bright colors, even when slobbered and dirty. A quick hand wash with warm soapy water, then air drying until the next game... maybe right now!

Measures approximately 6 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch, lightweight and big enough for the large ones but small enough for those largest in spirit.