Glory To Dog Ballistic Sport Spinner Dog Toy

Type: Dog Toys
  • Fetch, Tug, Toss
  • Reinforced Seams and Extra Stitching to make it Tough Enough for Ferocious Monsters
  • Squeaker in each arm for Audible Stimulation
  • Bold, Bright Colors
  • Polyester and Polyester Fiberfill for Easy Hand Washing and Air Drying
  • For Pets Only

Interaction with your pup keeps their minds alert and bodies moving, especially running after a twirling three-legged spinner. Built tough for rugged play, but gentle on tiny mouths and teeth, it's easier to pick up than a frisbee (with or without opposable thumbs). A squeaker in each segment shouts out to furry ears, and the bright colors and neon orange piping make it hard for anyone to miss even when slobered and dirty. A quick hand wash with warm soapy water, then air drying until the next game... maybe right now!

Measures approximately 8 inches by 8 inches by 1 inch, lightweight and big enough for the large ones but small enough for those largest in spirit.