Glory To Dog Let Me Be Your Christmas Tree Christmas Cards and Greeting Card Envelopes


Get ready to add a touch of canine cheer to your holiday festivities with our "Let Me Be Your Christmas Tree" Christmas card! On the front, you'll be greeted by an irresistibly adorable Golden Retriever, sporting a big, mischievous smile and playfully wrapped in twinkling Christmas lights. The caption perfectly captures the festive spirit and humor: "Let Me Be Your Christmas Tree."

Inside this heartwarming card, you'll find a charming line-art drawing of a Golden Retriever, complete with a sparkling Christmas tree. The message inside reads, "Make your celebration furry and bright! Merry Christmas," spreading joy and warmth to your loved ones.

Whether you're sending this card to fellow dog lovers or anyone in need of a holiday smile, our Golden Retriever-themed Christmas card is sure to light up their season with its adorable charm and delightful message. Share the love and laughter with a card that celebrates the magic of Christmas and the playful spirit of our furry friends.

  • Message: Let Me Be Your Christmas Tree / Make your celebration furry and bright! Merry Christmas
  • Measures 7 by 5 inches with High Quality Ultra-gloss Outside, Fine Finish Matte for Superior Writing Surface Inside
  • Original designs available exclusively from Glory to Dog
  • Mailing envelopes (white A7) included
  • Designed and Printed in the USA