Glory To Dog Valentine, You're My Jam, My Pup of Tea Valentines Card


Indulge in a double dose of cuteness and clever wordplay with our 'Valentine, You're My Jam, My Pup of Tea' card. Picture this: an irresistibly fluffy puppy cozied up in a tea cup, adorned with a delightful pattern of red hearts. This card is not just a greeting; it's a heartwarming experience wrapped in mischievous charm.

The clever caption adds a playful twist, celebrating your love with a clever play on words. The adorable puppy, the heart-patterned tea cup, and the mischievous pun create a perfect trifecta of sweetness and humor. Inside, a heart-shaped balloon dances among heartfelt Valentine's wishes, making this card a complete package of love and laughter.

Send this card to your special someone who's your 'pup of tea,' and watch them melt into a puddle of joy. It's more than a card; it's a delightful celebration of the unique blend that makes your love extraordinary. Happy Valentine's Day!"

  • Message: Valentine, You're My Jam, My Pup of Tea / Happy Valentine's Day
  • Measures 5 by 7 inches with High Quality Ultra-gloss Outside, Fine Finish Matte for Superior Writing Surface Inside
  • Original designs available exclusively from Glory to Dog
  • Mailing envelope (white A7) included
  • Designed and Printed in the USA