Great Greetings Dude, That Sucks Sorry Your Dog Died Bereavement/Sympathy Card

  • Offering solace in times of sorrow, our bereavement card for a departed dog speaks volumes of empathy and understanding. Crafted with simplicity and sincerity, this card acknowledges the unique bond between man and his faithful companion. The cover, an unassuming black canvas adorned with reverse white type exclaims, "dude, that sucks," resonating with the raw emotions of loss.
  • Inside, the sentiment echoes the heartfelt condolences with the words, "Sorry your dog died," complemented by a poignant image of a well-loved tennis ball—a symbol of cherished memories and playful moments shared. This card encapsulates the essence of empathy and support during a time of profound grief. With its understated design and genuine message, it serves as a beacon of comfort for those navigating the somber journey of bidding farewell to a beloved canine companion.
  • Message: dude, that sucks / Sorry your dog died
  • High Quality Gloss Outside, Fine Finish Matte for superior writing surface inside
  • Original designs available exclusively from Great Greetings
  • Card measures 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall
  • Mailing envelope (white A7) included
  • Designed and Printed in the USA