Great Greetings Your Vertical Lips are Even Sexier than Your Horizontal Lips Naughty Anniversary Card

  • Celebrate your fiery love and sizzling chemistry with our daring Anniversary Card designed for those who appreciate a touch of spice in their relationship. Our husband-to-wife card sets the mood with its cheeky design featuring luscious female lips and a racy captain that's sure to raise eyebrows and heartbeats.
  • Inside, revel in the playful innuendo as two half-drank champagne glasses toast to the curves that keep things endlessly intriguing. The card encapsulates the essence of your intimate connection, reminding you both of the passion and excitement that fuels your journey together. With its risqué tone and naughty charm, this card is perfect for couples who share a sense of adventure and a deep affection for each other.
  • Message: Your Vertical Lips are even Sexier than Your Horizontal Lips / Here's to the Curves that Always Keep Things Interesting. Happy Anniversary
  • High Quality Gloss Outside, Fine Finish Matte for superior writing surface inside
  • Original designs available exclusively from Great Greetings
  • Card measures 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall
  • Mailing envelope (white A7) included
  • Designed and Printed in the USA